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Claire Chaitanya Yoga

Yoga is a lifestyle

I've been a Yoga teacher since 2015 and have a lifelong practice since childhood. Yoga can bring so much joy and awareness to many aspects of life and I'd like to share these thoughts and theories, movements and meditations with anyone who is open to it. NamoNarayan Namaste Hari Om Tat Sat.


About Me

The journey of yoga

I started my yoga journey at a very young age as a child. Naturally I was very drawn to the path of yoga, meditation and nidra (yoga sleep). I have always lived a life of yoga, but am constantly reading and re-educating myself and my body as time goes by. My background in yoga asana (physical postures) is Ashtanga & Iyenga that created a strong discipline and connection to myself and the teachings of yoga. From there I expanded to Vinyasa, Restorative yoga, Yin, Pregnancy yoga and many other deeper teachings of yoga, including yoga lifestyle.

There is no wrong or right way. I believe everything comes at the right time and it doesn't have a timeline. 

Before I became a teacher of yoga I practiced beauty therapy and skincare, working one to one with clients to attend to their well being.  Here I learnt a lot about individuals and how unique bodies can be. We have to re-learn and get to know ourselves to become the best version of ourselves and through meditation, movement and breathing we can improve the quality of life - so we learn discipline, patience and acceptance. I took initiation into Karma Sannyasa through my Guru, Swami Satyasanganda Sarawati in 2019, to live with the mandate of Swami Satyananda Sarawati to Serve, Love, Give. The Guru also gave me the spiritual name, Chaitanya, and this is the name I use as a teacher.

"You have to find a way to express your karma without building up more karma to influence your future. This is a great problem. On the one hand, karma is being expressed and thereby released but, on the other hand, you are building up more karma. It seems inexhaustible, like an endless chain. So how are you going to get out of it? The only answer is to work out your karma, so that old karma is exhausted an new karma is not generated" - Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati

I don't have all the answers but together we can help each other on this journey. I couldn't imagine a life without yoga, without awareness. Since becoming a mother I've become aware of so many new practices and life lessons.

Namo narayan Hari Om


Class types

Designed for You

My range of classes and services gives you the flexibility to choose the best class for you. Take a squiz through what I offer....

Yoga Mat and Straps

Online Classes

Yoga is everywhere!

Online classes are great if you can't make an in person class.
You can attend a yoga or meditation class no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet connection. I watch you as I would with an in person class so you receive the same quality of teaching.

Yoga Child's Pose

Group Sessions

Learning from home but connecting with others

Group Classes are held online via Zoom. It's more interactive than you'd think. It's helpful to keep your camera on but there's no pressure to do so. We also have the opportunity to discuss thoughts and theories if you have something on your mind.


Private Sessions

The joys of yoga

Private classes are available in person or online. With private classes we focus on your individual journey together and customize the class to suit you on that day. Allowing yourself to come into and create a space just for you and /or whomever you choose to join you.
(Please note, more than 1 other person will be charged as a group session)


Corporate Classes

Yoga is good for grounding and focus

This is either online to accommodate the whole office working at work and from home or in person, I come to the office.

Pregnancy Yoga

Connecting to baby ♡

Private pregnancy yoga classes or group classes.

Learn More


Visualize and breathe 

Learning to breathe and prepare for your birthing journey.

Learn More

Meditation and Pranayama 

All is well

30mins dedicated just to breath and meditation.

Learn More

Mama & Baby 

Include baby with yoga

If you're wanting to go to yoga class but need to bring baby along, this is the perfect opportunity to go to group yoga with baby.  You can practice yoga, meet like minded mothers and spend time with baby guilt free.

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